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Would you Buy a TV with Only One Choice of Channel?

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In today’s world of unparalleled choice it would seem strange to buy a television with a choice of just one channel or to have the options of hundreds of channel options and then choose to leave it fixed on the same one forever.   We’ve got used to having lots of choice and being able to flick around and choose the programme we want to watch, whenever we want it.   We want choice and the more choice we have, the better value for money we feel we’re getting.

Here at PLYT games, recognising the desire for choice and great value, we think it’s about time to shake things up in the game industry!  Unlike most games companies we didn’t want to offer games that can only be used for playing one single game.  Instead we wanted to create “game platforms”; platforms that can be used for a range of unique games that we continue to develop.  In other words customers pay only once for the platform but have the choice of a range of games to play with them…plus we’ll continue to develop games and when a new game is released our customers are reminded to keep playing and having face to face fun right throughout the year!

We now have 3 “platforms” – PLYT, NumBugz and Whotchilli – and have developed a total of 14 games to play with them (2 for PLYT, 8 for NumBugz and 4 for Whotchilli).  We already have more in the pipeline and we’ll release them when they’re ready to play.  There’s a real mix of games available to play including numbers, strategy, memory, logic and chance.  Not only does this offer choice, it also takes the risk out of buying a game – whilst we don’t expect players to like every game we create, with such a wide choice there’s something to suit everyone.

We love hearing feedback about which games people like best.  It not only gives other customers a sense of which games to try first but it also helps us to understand what sort of new games to create – and we’d be delighted to hear from people who create any more new games for our platforms that we can then share with our Plyting community.

So this Christmas, enjoy flicking around the numerous television channels whilst not forgetting to bring friends and family together to play some fun face to face games – with something for everyone.

And hopefully in time we may change the game industry forever!

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