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Well our Whotchilli Kickstarter has come to an end and sadly (although not surprisingly) despite some great support from our PLYT friends we didn’t manage to reach our target.  We’ve learnt a lot about crowdfunding (and how you are supposed to contact potential backers well in advance of launch!) and it’s certainly been a interesting project for us.  Although we didn’t reach our funding target, you don’t need to worry – Whotchilli is still on the cards and our wonderful illustrator, Liane, is already working on the packaging.  We’re hoping to launch Whotchilli before Christmas so it will be a perfect little stocking filler for your nearest and dearest!   We’ll keep you up to date with our progress. 🙂

As promised, as a thank you to all the lovely backers who supported us we put all names in an Easter Bonnet and pulled out 2 lucky winners of our new travel game NumBugz.  And the winners are……..

Gael Tavernier and Mark Hamilton.

Well done to both of you and your little Bagz of Bugz will be winging their way to you very soon.  Great timing for your holidays!

Thank you so much to all our other backers too – we know who you are and we really appreciate your support 🙂  And just to confirm as we didn’t reach our target your credit cards will NOT be charged.  Hopefully you received an email from Kickstarter telling you this.

So it’s been a busy Spring here at PLYT HQ what with creating new games and helping to get our little Bugz flying across the World, but we’ve not forgotten about PLYT and we’ve had some fabulous feedback this month from children in the USA who have been Plyting .  In case you missed them here’s a quick clip courtesy of 4th graders at Towne Elementary:-

We understand from their teacher that there is lots of competition to finish their maths work quickly and accurately to allow them to PLYT.  Great news and sure they’ll see the benefit from regular Plyting!

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