Vote for PLYT in VOOM 2016 to Pitch to Rich

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PLYT has entered VOOM 2016 to try to pitch to Richard Branson.

We want to make a positive difference to people’s lives through our games and try to help improve the nation’s numeracy.   As with any business, the more people who know about us, the bigger difference we can make.

We’d love your vote so if you click on the link below, login through facebook or linkedin and click the vote for project button (we promise it will only take 10 seconds! :-))

PLYT in VOOM 2016

By the end of 2016 we’ll have 2 games on the market and we aim to have produced a pilot for our TV game show, Dilemma.   Current game shows focus almost exclusively on general knowledge and number content is rarely available in a format that is accessible for viewers of all different ages and abilities.

We’ve worked with 2 ex-BBC producers to develop a pitch for a highly competitive, exciting game show that will not only be great viewing but also educational.   It will be the first number based game show the whole family can play at home and because numbers are the same the world over, it will be exportable to every country in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for TV outsiders to verbally explain a concept that moves away from the tried and tested general knowledge formula.   So we need to physically show people.  Winning a Voom2016 prize will enable us to film a pilot show that we can use to approach broadcasters.

Dilemma on TV will allow millions of people to enjoy an entertaining show whilst improving their confidence with numbers at the same time.   A Vote for us will really count and we would be so grateful for your support.  Many thanks in advance. 🙂

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