The Lollopers Series

The Lollopers is a book series that follows the magical adventures of ten year old twins, Sam and Olivia together with best friends, Charlie and Natalie as they enter the mysterious world of NumBugz and join the fight against the Grimper and its attempt to destroy the world.  

Ideal for children aged 8 to 12 to read independently or together with a grown-up!  Described by one book critic as “the ‘famous five’ for today’s kids!” 

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference
The Eternal Cycle - The Lollopers 1st book

The Eternal Cycle - (book 1)

Ten year old twins, Sam and Olivia together with best friends, Charlie and Natalie know little of the magical world that exists under their feet in Table Top Park. They have no idea it’s under threat from the mysterious Grimper and are shocked when they discover they’ve been chosen by the Bughood Council to lead the fightback.
Sworn to secrecy, their lives are about to change forever. Are they good enough to survive?

A magical adventure that left me wanting more – can’t wait for the next one

The Spiral Staircase Ian McCartney

The Spiral Staircase - (book 2)

How far would you go to help your friend even when they might not deserve it?
A school trip to The Natural History Museum in London turns into a breathtaking adventure for twins, Sam and Olivia, and their best friends Charlie and Natalie. Threatened by the Grimper as they attempt to unlock the mysteries of the Eternal Cycle, their friendship is tested to the limit and their fight for survival takes them to the scene of one of the most devastating events in London’s history, The Monument.
What they discover in the secret chamber beneath the floor leaves them speechless but desperate to know more. A gripping adventure that makes us question whether another force has been at work for centuries

Written by Ian McCartney – The Eternal Cycle was released in November 2018 and The Spiral Staircase was released in December 2019

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