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A little box that packs a great range of 8 unique family card games for you to enjoy at home or on your travels.

The games are for 2-6 players, aged 6+ and they take between 5-30 minutes to play.  See description below for more details about the games and how to play.

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Whotchilli is a card game platform that offers great flexibility and variety with 8 unique and stimulating games for you to choose from.  Games vary in complexity and type (see the game rules page).

  • Whototal – How confident are you that you can guess the total value of the cards?
  • Lookin’ Hot – Read the minds of your opponents to work out Whotchilli they’re playing
  • Chilly Chilli – Remember Whotchillis have moved where as you try to build the coolest hand
  • Chilli Chase – Be the first to hit your Chilli Score 5 times
  • Holy Moly – The memory game with a difference
  • Salsa – Work out Whotchillis are in your opponent’s Salsa recipe
  • Scorchio – Build a hot score by predicting the correct number of tricks you’ll win
  • Heat Seeker – Use your investigative skills to taste the chilli cards and locate all of the hottest cards

Whotchilli comes with 3 games included in the box but you can find the rules and how to play videos for all Whotchilli games here

We put the age rating at 6+ because there are some games that a 6 year old can play – but some might be a little too difficult at that age without help from someone older.

Whotchilli is recommended by National Numeracy and leading maths consultants.

Additional information

Weight0.092 kg
Dimensions9 × 6.6 × 2.3 cm
Number of Players

2-6 Players

Age range

6+ Years


Small Parts Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years of Age – Choking Hazard


36 Chilli Cards (6 sets of 6 cards), a 12-sided spice dice, a card box and game rules for 3 games

7 reviews for Whotchilli

  1. Amazon Customer

    This is a compact card game set (perfect for travel) with 8 different games to play, each using various skills – logic, memory, reasoning, times tables and mental arithmetic. Great games for playing as a family (my personal favourite is Heat Seeker, but also loved Chilly Chilli and Chilli Chase). It’s a clever, educational game. I found the online instructions easy to follow, and contained more games than shown in the pack. Good value at under £10.

  2. Amazon customer

    It’s about the size of a set of playing cards with cards and a twelve sided dice. It’s well made, the cards look good and like a pack of cards there are lots of different games to play. We used the videos on the website and found the games very easy to play.

  3. Ben

    Great product – loads of choice and love the fact that new games are released

  4. Sue Skyrme

    I have had great pleasure in reviewing Whotchilli and really enjoyed all the games. These are the strengths of the game:

    • The videos are well prepared and helpful if you needed further guidance on how to play (love the music!).
    • The cards are attractive, engaging, colourful and are easily portable – ideal for travel games but also minimal storage if, for example, in schools
    • A 12 sided die – extending calculation possibilities
    • A good variety of games using the same cards (also no extra resources needed)
    • The rules are easy to learn
    • Good literacy links with the play on words
    • Rules translated into several languages
    • Contribute to the development of logic, memory, thinking and reasoning skills, prediction, addition, subtraction, multiplication and negative numbers
    • The games are engaging for all age groups so ideal for family interaction and parental engagement.

    Just for interest, ‘looking good’ was also not so engaging with only 3 players – using just 2 cards. However, for 4 or more players, it quickly became addictive!

    Overall, these are fun but mentally challenging games which practise mental arithmetic alongside vital thinking and reasoning skills. The games therefore support the curriculum in the context of play; children love them as they can beat their parents – it is not reliant on calculation skills to win. It is crucial to develop this sort of mental agility in children (and parents!) as this is an essential skill for a numerate life.

    I’m delighted that I can therefore recommend this game without reservation

  5. Angela Paull

    For the sheer variety of games, ease of use, convenience and educational value “WhotChilli” has to score 5/5! See the full review of Whotchilli by What’s Good To Do here

  6. Hannah Meadows

    WhotChilli would make a good gift for a more able young mathematician (or one with slightly more patience as they improve). It says it’s suitable for ages 6+, but that doesn’t apply equally to all the games. I’d recommend it for children 8 and up.The cards themselves are fun. Full review Read more

  7. PK

    Good games and all different – particularly enjoyed Lookin’ Hot – even better to receive a 4th game, Scorchio via email and a promise of more games in future. My 9 year old and I both enjoyed playing.

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