The PLYT Team

Ian McCartney

Chief Creator


Ian is the vision behind the PLYT games and is constantly coming up with new ideas - some of them great and some of them downright crazy! Sometimes the rest of the family needs some convincing of his plans but he normally brings them around to his way of thinking. If you have any novel ideas, options or concepts for new games he's always happy to hear them. Ian is a really positive person - which has been invaluable since he has had Lyme Disease. He loves having fun and is very competitive - he's always up for playing a family game or two - normally with the loser doing the washing up. When he's not working he loves sport, both competing and watching - he's a keen football fan and now spends much of his free time supporting the children's teams.
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Lisa McCartney

Chief Plyter


Lisa is Chief Plyter and if you receive an email it's most likely from her. She is passionate about improving people's confidence with numbers and loves talking - often about PLYT - but she's been known to talk about pretty much anything! She would be happy to hear from you and is eager to help people get the most from the games. When she's not talking PLYT, tutoring kids in PLYTIME or running around after her own children she loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family or trying to keep fit with pilates and a little bit of running - whilst talking, obviously!
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