Our Mission

Our mission here at PLYT Games is simple – we want to help children to be their best.

And we do that in 3 different ways:

  • Our great game platforms PLYT, NumBugz and Whotchilli offer a huge variety of unique games – and we’ll continue to come up with new ones that we will release to you for FREE. Playing games is a brilliant way to encourage children to learn, practise and enjoy numbers from an early age. By playing our games regularly not only will you have some competitive fun but you will improve your numeracy skills – skills which are KEY for life. All our games are recommended by leading maths tutors and National Numeracy.
  • We also offer a new concept in tutoring with PLYTIME Learning – helping you to be your best.  Having trialled the concept offline, PLYTIME is now in the process of being taken online to help as many children as possible – our mission is to be the most effective tutoring solution at the lowest possible cost.  Our offline classes were proven to work with an average PLYTIME improvement of 9% per session, recommended by National Numeracy and most importantly children loved the tutoring using unique interactive competitive games.
  • We also want to inspire children to be their best with our book series, The Lollopers.  The first book, The Eternal Cycle tells the amazing adventures of ten year old twins, Sam and Olivia who together with best friends, Charlie and Natalie discover a magical world that exists under their feet in Table Top Park.  The second book, The Spiral Staircase (to be released in 2019) follows their adventures to London and the scene of one of the most devastating events in the city’s history.  We hope the Lollopers will inspire children to look at the world around them differently and help them realise it really is the smallest things that make the biggest difference.


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