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PLYT at the STEM Learning Family Maths Day

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We had a fantastic day last Saturday at the STEM Learning Centre in York with lots of children and their parents keen to discover what fun can be had from playing maths board games.

This was one of the great free events hosted by the STEM Centre in York  and it was a really fantastic location.  The audience were initially wowed by Rob Eastaway in the lovely lecture theatre, playing who wants to be a mathionaire, before emerging into the fabulous bright atrium to be greeted by plenty of fun games all set up and ready to play.

It was a joy to see how much children and parents enjoyed playing PLYT and they were keen to show off their skills and challenge themselves.  There were many games where every player was PLYTing at a different standard, from simply adding two dice together right up to multiplying all 6 of the 12 sided dice, before the 30 second timer ran out, and there was plenty of adrenaline flowing.   The parents loved the fact that the whole family could play competitively together – they weren’t too keen when their children beat them though!

There were lots of other games to play too and it was lovely to meet some other games makers including 7 Puzzle, City of Zombies and Numenco – who were all equally passionate about improving maths in a fun and engaging way.  It was a pleasure to meet them all and we look forward to seeing them again soon 🙂

A fantastic day was had by all and our brains were well and truly worked by the end of the day.  It showed how playing family games can really sharpen up and improve your maths whilst having a a load of fun.

Many thanks to STEM Learning for inviting PLYT to attend and we can’t wait for the next one!

STEM family maths Day
STEM family maths Day

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