You are currently viewing January #Ski #Plyter Results

January #Ski #Plyter Results

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Can you believe that it’s February already?  January has just flown by without so much as a snowman here!  For those of you who had a “dry January” you’ll be happy that it did.

And speaking of dry it was great to see so many of you getting involved with our fabulous #Ski #Plyter keen to win the innovative Boot Dryers courtesy of Drysure.  You may be lucky enough to encounter snow or you may just need them to dry out soggy boots – either way they are a great prize.

Welcome and thanks to all our new #Plyters both on Facebook and Twitter for trying, liking and retweeting our daily Plyter challenges and not forgetting our regular maths geniuses who never fail to show off their maths skills.:-)
Well done to everyone who got a favourite/like from us. We hope you enjoyed Plyting!

And the winner of the innovative Boot Dryers courtesy of Drysure – was the 542nd entry Leanne Lunn @leannes2405 on Twitter .  Well done to Leanne and we hope you are going somewhere exciting to test your new boot dryers?

Well done to everyone else who took part in this months #Plyter 🙂

PLYT NumBugz
We are really super excited as our new game NumBugz has arrived!  Yay!

So for our February #Bugz #Plyter, we are offering one lucky winner the chance to win themselves one of the first copies!

NumBugz are more than just a game – they are a bag full of fun Bugz games for the whole family!

NumBugz 2NumBugz 1

Pick your favourite of the six Bugz families  (will it be Antony, Webley, Stinger, Jumpgobbler, Woodie or Stagster?)

And then choose one of the many NumBugz game to play :-

  • Colonyz – can you use your number skills to be the first to link all of your Bugz to the Colony?
  • Legionz – think strategically – can you grow the biggest Bugz chain?
  • 25z – the fast fun game of probability and bluff
  • SumBugz – a quick and easy game of prediction
  • Sequenz – race against each other or the timer to master your number sequences
  • Memorize – use your memory skills to be the first to collect your complete set of Bugz – it’s much harder than it sounds!
  • Pairz – match the most Bugz in this quick memory game

NumBugz is more than just a travel game – it’s a whole bag full of new Bugz games to play wherever you go.

Find out more about NumBugz on our NumBugz page and don’t forget to have a go at the #Bugz #Plyter this month for your chance to win yourself a Bag of Bugz! 🙂

For more #Plyter information check out the #Plyter notes on our Facebook page.

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