You are currently viewing February #Bugz #Plyter Results

February #Bugz #Plyter Results

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Welcome to March and the official start of Spring.

We just love Spring  – baby lambs appearing in the fields and beautiful flowers starting to emerge in our gardens and that can only mean one thing – lots of little Bugz will start surfacing.  And that’s definitely what we’ll see happening this year with the arrival of our new travel game NumBugz.

There were lots of you buzzing in the February #Bugz #Plyter, keen to try and win yourselves Bagz of Bugz fun for the whole family in this month’s competition.  And it was a great prize – there are 7 fab new games in our handy little drawstring bag and that means there’s something for everyone.  Whether it’s Colonyz, our featured calculation game, our strategy game Legionz, memory games Memorize or Pairz or quick and easy games of bluff 25z or SumBugz, not forgetting the speedy game of Sequenz. So 7 fab games to choose from and whilst you’re at it choose your favourite little Bug to play with – mine’s Woodie the Woodlouse – we’d love to know yours!

Anyway a big thanks to all our #Plyters both on Facebook and Twitter for trying, liking and retweeting our daily Plyter challenges – there were some bright maths skills on display again this month to match our little Bugz:-)

And the winner of NumBugz was the 427th entry  – San  @sandy__hope on Twitter .  Well done to Sandy and we really hope you love our new little Bugz – which will be winging their way to you very soon.

Well done to everyone who got a favourite/like from us. We hope you enjoyed Plyting!  It was the last one for a little while as we are busy developing new games but don’t worry we’ll bring it back in the future – in a new and improved version. 🙂

In the meantime we’ve been busy making videos to show you how to play all 7 of the NumBugz games so if you want a sneak preview take a look here .

There are 7 different games so something to suit everyone and as they are so light and portable they’re a real “must have” for your next family holiday. NumBugz are available from us here at PLYT or if it’s easier for you you can buy from Amazon.  Let’s see how far our little Bugz will travel! 🙂

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