Where can I buy PLYT Games?

You can buy PLYT Games on our website or if you prefer they are available via amazon.

Are there discounts for schools?

Yes - we want to encourage schools and the pupils’ parents to play PLYT games so we offer great discounts on PLYT.  Take a look at how we can help schools here

Can I play PLYT with 2 Players?

Yes PLYT can be played by 2 - 6 players.

What PLYT Standard should I be at?

There is no defined Standard for each age. 
The Standard is different for different levels of ability, so you could have one player simply rolling the Master Dice, recognising the numbers and counting round the board, a second may have a Standard of 3 adding - so they roll & add three dice (including the Master Dice), a third player may have a Standard of Fixed Dice on 2 - fixing the red dice on 2 and rolling the Master Dice to practise their 2 times tables and a fourth on a Standard of 4 dice multiplying - so they roll and multiply 4 dice. 
The correct standard for each person is one where they get many of their calculations correct but it can still be a challenge. 
The aim is then to encourage players to push themselves out of their comfort zone - by offering the bonus for an extra dice thrown - and hence they keep improving. Once they are going for a bonus every time on their turn and getting many correct, change that to their new standard and encourage them to try another dice. 
The aim is to keep improving and you will see confidence grow as players start to challenge themselves. 
Don't forget to use the top tips to help you.

Do I have to be good at maths to play with my child?

The simple answer is No!
Children love to play & try to beat their parents and they love to see them finding it a challenge - the research showed that where parents challenged themselves (and importantly showed children that it was ok to get some answers wrong - as that is how we learn), the children also challenged themselves more and the biggest improvements were made. 
The research also proved that both children and adults improve by playing PLYT so you can improve your maths as you play too. 🙂

How do Coupons work?

From time to time we may run a promotion using a discount code. To receive the discount, simply enter the code provided into the coupon box on the order cart. When you select “apply coupon” the discount is applied to the cost of the game.

If you have made a mistake you can always remove the discount from your order.

All discount promotions are limited to a maximum number of games. If the limit is reached before the promotional end date orders will be honoured on a first come first served basis.

Which cards are accepted on this site by Paypal?

Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards.

What Cookies are used on this website?

This website sets strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies services you have asked for, like shopping baskets or e-billing, cannot be provided.

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When I try to buy a game I get an error on the website, what can I do?

Unfortunately, there are occasions when errors can occur. If you experience an error, please contact us and we will investigate for you and will do everything possible to minimise any disruption caused.

How do I return a game to you?

In the first instance, please contact us to inform us about the reasons why the product needs to be returned. 
Where the products should be returned to us, we recommend that customers ask for a Certificate of Posting when returning items in case they don’t arrive back with us – it is not necessary to use Special Delivery or Signed For service. Items should be addressed to: Talkplaces Ltd, PO Box 862, Lymm WA15 5LB Please also include a note of the reason for return and the Invoice or Order number. If you are unsure at all please call us on 07956 352926 for advice.

How can I be sure Talkplaces is a genuine company?

You can check our entry at Companies House and do a WebCheck on our name, you could also contact us by phone on 07956 352926 and ask for details.

I have an idea for a board game that I'd like to send you, what should I do?

We know how hard it is to get a game launched and we’ll do whatever we can to help. Talkplaces Ltd is always willing to listen to great ideas for board games provided they are in keeping with the values of the company which requires that they are fun, competitive, have a positive value (such as educational) and are great for families and groups. Any ideas that are sent to us will not be passed to any other party, however we cannot guarantee that other companies or Talkplaces Ltd are not working on a game that might be very similar to the proposal you send us. As a result, if you do send us any proposals, you do so on the understanding that we are not responsible or liable for any future issues that may arise should a similar idea appear on the market either by Talkplaces Ltd or another company. You send us your ideas entirely at your own risk and we wish you every success with your idea.

Can I order spares from you?

Unfortunately we only keep a very limited stock of some of the parts. We’re happy to try to help where we can, but we cannot always guarantee being able to deliver spare parts to you quickly.

How do I get notified about the new free games that you produce?

We continue to create new games for our existing game platforms and when they are ready we release them free of charge.  The easiest and quickest way to find out about the new games is to sign up for our newsletter - we send details of all our new games to our subscribers first.  We also put all our new game rules on the website - just checkout the rules sections for each of the game platforms. 

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