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Don’t miss out – games games games!

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Well there was so much happening at PLYT Games last month – there were NEW games galore – so we just want to bring you up to speed with them all.

As you know we are determined to give great value to our customers so we’re continuing to create new games to play with our “Games Platforms” so here we go:-

New Game – Whotchilli

We were so excited to receive our first batch of Whotchilli’s and we think they look fantastic!

Inside the box are 36 spicy chilli cards and a 12 sided dice together with the rules for our first 3 games; Lookin’ Hot, Salsa and Chilly Chilli.

And we’ve already created another game – Scorchio – to play with the cards.
These will make a great stocking filler  for under a tenner (£9.99 Age 6+).  Can you beat the heat this Christmas?

All game rules and videos of how to play are right here


Do you have our original PLYT game?

How  do you fancy a totally new FREE game to play with the existing board and pieces?   We’ve created a brand new fun number game – PLYT Sequence.

Try to be the first climber to reach the summit of PLYT Mountain by making the highest scoring Sequences with the dice. Why not give it a try – the new rules are here

NEW NumBugz Game

If you have NumBugz you’ll know there’s already lots of choice with 7 different games available but we’re still creating more!

Here are the rules for all NumBugz games including our latest game RumBugz

RumBugz is similar to Rummy with Bugz – be the first to lay down all the required sequences and get rid of your remaining Bugz!

And More…

We currently have two more NumBugz games (Snakez and Sortz – designed for younger players 4+) that we are in the process of testing.  If you’d like to be a valued tester of our new games, and already have a set of NumBugz, please let us know – we’d love to send you our draft rules and get your feedback.

Get in touch to be a new game tester

If you have your own ideas for games using our game platforms we’d love to hear them. Together we can create even more great games for people to enjoy.

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