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Don’t Let Your Child Fail The Times Tables Test

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This week it was announced that times tables tests are set to return to primary schools for the first time since 1944.  The first 11 year olds are due to sit the tests in 2019 so now’s a great time to start helping your children master their tables.

But do you struggle to help your children with maths at home? Do you find that it’s taught differently than when you were at school or maybe you don’t feel confident teaching them maths?

Well PLYT was specifically designed, by parents, for parents to help their children improve their maths and gain confidence with numbers.

PLYT is a really easy game that the whole family can play.  It’s recommended by National Numeracy & leading maths consultants and it’s PROVEN to work.

Kids love playing it and don’t realise that they are learning.  They just want to try and beat their Mum /Dad/ older siblings etc!

And no need to worry about older or younger members of the family being left out as everyone can play together no matter what their age or ability (4+).

Everyone has the same chance of winning and everyone is challenged making it a great game for the whole family.

So don’t let your children fail at the new times tables tests – read more about how playing PLYT can help your family here

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