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Poem about learning with pleasure playing PLYT

Do you have time for Play today?

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Do you really have time in your class for play?

Is that something you can include in your lessons today?

What if you see that play can work,

plus cover the curriculum – just one more perk.

If the children love it, proved beyond doubt,

when they get excited (and sometimes even shout).

But it’s all about maths – and they start to feel

that they “can do it” – numbers not such a big deal.

In their quest to win and beat their peers

they learn to do maths and overcome their fears.

Their confidence grows, they start to smile,

they want to do well and go the extra mile.

Maths can be mastered and targets can be met because

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget!

What is better than learning through play?  Especially if it’s proven to work ????

Checkout our videos about playing PLYT in the classroom here

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