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Back our Kickstarter Whotchilli

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We’ve just launched our new hot family card game Whotchilli on Kickstarter and we’d love you to back us and get these Chillies playing for real.

As you know we believe in giving value for money with our games so, like PLYT & NumBugz, we wanted to create something that gave you the choice of lots of different fun and engaging games; one day you might want something quick and fun, another you might want something a bit more stimulating.    Say hello to our hot new family card game Whotchilli

Whotchilli Games

As a starting point we have 3 brand new games in the pack:-

  • Lookin’ hot is about reading the minds of your opponents to work out Whotchilli they’re playing whilst  using cunning & skill to bluff and double bluff each other.   The hottest player wins the game leaving everyone else feelin’ chilli. A fast, fun game for 3 to 6 players
  • Salsa is a game of logic for 2 to 6 players as you try to work out Whotchilli’s are in your opponent’s Salsa recipe.  Build your rating and try to be the first to unlock the recipe.
  • Chilly Chilli is a game for 2 to 6 players where you try to stay cool by remembering Whotchilli’s have moved where.  The coolest hand wins the game.

Whotchilli initially gives you these 3 hot games to play, but they get angry if forced to sit in dark cupboards for long – and no one likes an angry Whotchilli – so that’s why we’ll keep developing Whotchilli games and send them to you when they’re hot enough OR if we reach our stretch targets on Kickstarter we’ll include them in the game.

Either way, once we launch Whotchilli you’ll be able to find more details of the extra games on our website.

So, who is Whotchilli for ?

  • Whotchilli is for people who enjoy hot and spicy competitive, fun and mentally stimulating games
  • Whotchilli games can be played by 2-6 players aged 6 + & they take 5-30 mins to play
  • Whotchilli is small and light – perfect to play at home or take on your travels
  • So Whotchilli is perfect for families and older groups who want to spice things up a little and can beat the heat!

Take care though as Whotchilli’s get angry if they’re forced to sit in dark cupboards for long – and no one likes an angry Whotchilli – be kind and play with them!

And what are the Whotchilli Ingredients?

It’s a nice simple set that you can easily slip into a hangbag or pocket so you can play with your Whotchillis wherever you are

  • 36 cards – 6 sets of 6 chilli cards – each with a different heat rating
  • A 12 sided Spice dice
  • Game rules
  • A game box

What do we want you to do about Whotchilli ?

Well we’d really love you to help us get the Whotchillis playing so, if you can, we’d really appreciate it if you could back our kickstarter here. Even better if you can then share it with your friends.  Let’s see who can beat the heat?

What’s in it for me?

As well as the rewards that you get from backing the Kickstarter, as an extra thank you we’ll put all our backers names in a hat and draw 3 lucky winners to receive their choice of either a game of PLYT or a bag of NumBugz and of course we’ll offer you our sincere thanks too! ????  What are you waiting for?

Here’s another link to our kickstarter campaign Whotchilli in case you haven’t clicked it yet.

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